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From the pictures on the left  you can probably tell I have been a photographer for some time. The cameras have got bigger and more sophisticated, from the left the Zenit EM and Olympus OM-1 designed in 1974 to the second Canon Digital SLR the D60 of 2002 that I recall cost about the same as the date ! Then onward to the 7D and 6D and to Pro Spec lenses.

Still despite all the technology it is still the eye of the photographer that counts and I consider myself lucky to have begun with such simple gear.

I started out aged 14 with my trusty Zenit EM film camera having to learn the art of exposure because the little light meter above the lens was so poor. Everything was manual - shutter speed, aperture and focussing. It needed a separate flash gun which connected via a cable and a lookup table on the flash helped you work out the right  settings ! It had a maximum flash sync speed of 1/30th so a steady hand was needed! Even so  its 50mm f2 lens was pretty good quality and with the cost of film and developing being very expensive to me at the time each photograph was a carefully considered event. Prints were anxiously waited for and any poor shots led to much thought and consideration rather than the adjust and retake of today.

It was a great start and in 2013 I will be breaking out my Zenit EM again !!